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DATSUN 1000 Coupe ! DATSUN 1000
FULL Race spec. ( Drift race )
A15 FULL Tune-up engine ( 1,600cc)
Electric Gas pump avd SOLEX44~2.
HITACHI full-transistor.
Safety gas tank.
Front part changes a strutmount it.
Brakes change the front and rear to a disc brake.
Wheel is Advan A3A.
Welded the Deff and joined it.( H145 )
Gearbox is F5W56A orF4W56A.
DATSUN 1200 Coupe ! DATSUN 1200
FULL Tune-up engine. ( 1300cc-Specification of TS )
Electric Gas pump avd SOLEX44~2.
Safety gas tank.
Changeable height reception desk suspension.
Rear is reinforced reef spring. and Absorber.
Engine food is made of the fiber.
Wheel is Watanabe. ( PCD114.3~6.0j + S tire )
Seat is Sparco and Racing harness.
Racing meter panel with Dry carbon.
H165 LSD. ( SUNNY TRUCK Horshing )
Short type SUNNY TRUCK Propeller shaft.
Gearbox is FSW60A.
CDI ignition.
DATSUN B310 Coupe ! DATSUN 310
Tune-up engine. ( 1300cc-Specification of Street )
Changeable height reception desk suspension.
Rear is reinforced spring. and Absorber and Stabilizer.
Engine food,Fender,Rear hatch door is made of the fiber.
Wheel is Watanabe. (PCD114.3~6.5j + Street tire)
Seat is 2 Sparco and ~4harness
H190 LSD
Gearbox is FSW60A.
SUNNY TRUCK ignition ( FULL-Transistor )
Electric Gas pump avd SOLEX44~2
Original coloring iTeam color-Purple metallic j
DATSUN 1200 Ute ! DATSUN 1200ute
Custom show car
Mask is D21.
Front-bumper is K10.
Wheel is Chrome. ( PCD114.3~5.5j + YOKOHAMA tire )
Gearbox is FSW60A.
Front and Rear Over fender
Falling below also has done the paint.
California was considered.

Very good-looking finish.
Very cool design!

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